Branding and Product Design


Create a new-to-world, accessible, mass-market beauty brand that breaks established category codes. It should be a response to some of the issues with which modern, post-demographic consumers identify: gender stereotypes, healthy body image, or any other issues you feel are relevant to users of beauty products today.



Product line 11 represents a new approach to the cosmetic world. We’re not interested in your gender identity, but in your true ego. We don’t stop at your outward appearences, but we looked into your eyes and it’s in iris’ facets that we find each of uniqueness. It’s there that genetics expresses the code that makes everyone unique. Our brand doesn’t represent you, you represent 11; this is the task that we persist respecting the environment that you live in and you.



The choice of name is based on chromosome 11, that is responsible for iris’ colour and some of the main features of personality. Number 11 is inscribed into two nested circumferences, that have a different thickness towards outside and they catch the eye thanks to their inclusion’s nature. Circle’s shape recalls eye’s pupil, communicates freedom and takes back balance among packaging’s elements. Iris’ diagonals resolve their power meeting the logo, that serves as spotlight with his silvery colour.



Iris is a common denominator of every human being but in the meantime colour, weaving and pattern are different in each of us, as a digital print is. Eye colour and some of the main features of personality are located in a gene that is in chromosome 11. Our pack is therefore based on iris; we have taken a close look at her composition and her details, and we took back a simplified section of it, particularly refering to her pattern and colours.



Academic project, team work



November 2015