Sinterama: branding and digital

Sinterama European leader in the production of coloured polyester threads and yarns, was born in 1968 in Biella (Italy). They deal even with a sustainability department called Newlife and it has an identity itself. I’ve worked on branding and web parts.

Branding: I’ve worked on the restyling of the 2 logos (Sinterama and Newlife) creating a coherence among them using shapes and colors that recall threads and yarns world. They offer also a wide range of products, each one with specific andtechnical features, so I’ve created a coordinated image for them in order to make them easily recognizable to those involved in this sector, as the client asked us.

Web: the client asked us to restyle the website merging the two identities Sinterama and Newlife. I’ve worked on the web design of it, a part of the development using WordPress and on data entry.

Sinterama has currently been acquired by Indorama, so the project is in stand by; this is why it’s not released and some of the images have the watermark.