Somasòt: restyling of a Prosecco winery image



Renew the whole image of Somasòt winery



Somasòt is a small family-owned Italian winery, located near Valdobbiadene, Veneto. The youngest daughter has just permanently joined the company dealing especially with marketing and communication and they decided to renew totally the winery image. We’ve chosen a fresh and minimalistic style for the new one. The first picture is about the previous brand image.



The new logo is minimalistic, more hermetic and it creates a connection between typography and the family and winery story. The chosen logo has its most particular part in the letter “ò”: the 2 circles in the center represent the 2 parents that started the substantial production, the other 2 on the outside are the 2 daughters that joined the company afterwards. The 4 circles remind also to the tree rings that symbolize experience, life and renovation. The font and the colors guarantee legibility and recall elegance and quality.



They follow the minimalistic style of the logo and the peculiarity is given by the labels’ shape that recall the hills, typical of that quality of wine, and by the colors that are different for each wine they product and sell.



Business cards, boxes, corks, brochure, price list and illustrations for the website follow the minimalistic style of logo and labels and they pay attention to customers needs and experience.



Self project for Somasòt winery



Ongoing project