My Way: branded content for UniCredit

Branded Content, Web Design


Design an online magazine able to support people in their life projects. The magazine has to increase familiarity with the brand and provide concrete tools to let the target audience find the answers to their doubts through socialdoing and interaction among consumers and with UniCredit specialists.



We’ve designed a responsive magazine online that makes people see UniCredit not only as a bank, but also as a support for their projects. It has a part with articles about different topics divided by colors and a section with questions and answers to allow people to interact each other and find informations they need. In another area users can propose projects and be financed by the bank if it considers them valid and then there’s a teambuilding section where people with an idea and people with necessary skills can meet.



The values that the logo wants to pass down are: personal development, bring-together, enterprise, innovation. These are represented with the triangle that stands out with its vertex, four different colours and a simple and friendly font.



Academic project for UniCredit, team work



June 2015